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Vodder Method Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This specialized technique is unlike any "massage" you've ever had. We use precise hand movements to follow the natural currents of your lymphatics...but "methods" aren't people, and we find ourselves customizing the Vodder Method to match your unique pathways.

Post Op MLD

Your surgeon may have suggested manual lymphatic drainage after  surgery. It's an important addition that lowers the risk of complications, expedites your healing, decreases swelling, and diminishes the development of scar tissue. Our team is post-op MLD certified and ready to guide and support you.

An Integrative Approach

Is an integrative approach right for you? Well, duh! Our fascia + lymph focused 90-min. integrative sessions are the best of both worlds! A powerful combination that creates space and opportunity for lasting change. Better baseline guaranteed. This is next-level lymphatic drainage.

Therapeutic Massage

Sometimes we just need a badass massage that focuses solely on improving the fluidity of our movements, posture, and recovery time. Using more traditional methods is A-OK with us here at Align Massage + Lymphatics. Targeted, pain-melting bodywork is how this whole thing started!

Align Massage + Lymphatics treatment room
Align Massage + Lymphatics Lobby


Austin Fit Magazine Best Of 2021

"I'd basically resigned myself to living with chronic pain (if you've dealt with endometriosis or IBD, you know how pitiful the treatment options are), but now after over a year of monthly manual lymphatic drainage sessions, my pain is significantly reduced - even non-existent some months! - and many of my gut issues are fully resolved."

- Alysha E.

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